Project made with Diogo Matheus, Mozart Morales, Raphael Moraes, Gabriel Cencic e Guilherme Solinscki

On Wavy I was responsible for the product Messaging Web Platform, a solution for business to send SMS and WhatsApp messages for their customers. I understand our clients necessities and validate solutions with them to create layouts and specifications for our developers. We had a difficult to implement a design process because our sales team was very aggressive and we needed to adapt for them. I tried a lot of solutions to become our design more consistency and my way to solve this was coding and refactoring our stylesheet.

Design System

Adaptation is the word to explain my process to discover the better way to work on a company hard focused on sales. First of all, I got a design from the last designer without a lot specifications. I began to talk with a lot of people to understand what’s the core of our platform and how it works. After this, I started to draw some layouts for developers but some of them left the company, remaining only two developers. In the meantime, I talked a lot with developers to discover a better way to work. I initiated to code to fix some front-end issues. After this, I tried to create a document with our design specifications but it was a mistake because our developers didn’t have time to implement. We tried to apply some front-end framework without success. Finally, I decided to refactor all CSS, defining colors, typography, components and everything else. I basically redesign our platform.

Understand clients

To understand our clients, I went to Itaú, Santander and Bradesco and talk with Sales and Support team to get insights. We created in collaboration, got them points, validated solutions, tested prototypes and created layout to develop. Be in touch with them become our product more human centered and it was a big challenge against company culture.


At the same time, I worked with Marketing team to develop a better visual brand because we didn’t have a designer responsible for this. Even our branding was a mess because of the confusing history of our company. I defined some fixes on logo, colors, typography and visual language for our brand and applied to our products. I created a concept of sub brands to use the main color between a specific range of hue, determining if the product is more for business or for customers.