Project made with Paulo Cholla, Vanessa Nonato, Thaise Cardoso and Giovanna Yassaka

By the end of 2017, I took part into a User Experience Bootcamp at Tera. Everything we learned in class was used in a real startup case, that we worked for two months. My group was assigned to work with EduqMais, an amazing project from MGov that focus on bringing parents closer to their children's education (public school only), by sending free text messages (nudges) to their phones.

They launched a pilot in 2016, in São Paulo, and it was successful. Students from schools that took part in the pilot had better grades, over 86% of parents approved the project and had great experiences because of it. So, why couldn't EduqMais replicate it's successful model when it went for other areas of the country, outside São Paulo?

This was the challenge that was briefed us and we tried to resolve during our bootcamp. We had an extense project, that had Design Thinking, research, personas, UX valuations, user journey, CSD matrix, effort/impact matrix, low and high fidelity prototypes, user interface, usabiilty tests and iterations.

After our research work, lots of brainstorming and post its, we could set our main goal: improve school principals engagement in the project. Our approach was to create an app that would make the principal's work easier: one could invite the school staff to help adding students into the app database. It will make easier to send customized messages from the school (not the ones curated by EduqMais) and will also bring teachers closer to parents, allowing them to send messages on specific topics on each student.