Azul Linhas Aéreas

Project made on Wefit with Sabrina Fagundes, Maurício Zaragoza, Fábio Lauratto and Lucas Morita

On Wefit I was responsible to attend their client Azul Linhas Aéreas, one of the most biggest airline company from Brazil. I took care of their website and e-commerce platform. At the beginning, I initiated working on front-end code, fixing issues and reviewing pages. After I started to take more design responsibilities, understanding our clients problems and creating solutions. I beginning to organize our process and acting more as a Product Manager, estimating and prioritizing development and features.

Design System

For my understand, Design System includes discover business necessities, translate these needs in design solutions and specify to development team. First of all, I catalog all existing components and creating these assets on Sketch Symbols to guide new layouts. After this, I organize all assets on front-end code to become more consistency. After this, I help to organize our project tracking and demand list and map each stakeholders client to understand how treat with each person inside our client.

Product Manager

I created a good relationship with their (client) stakeholders. We had a meeting every week to understand their demand, draft some solutions and fit in the development schedule. To optimize our process, I rearrange our Zoho and Trello to have an overview how it was going our development and be more transparent for our client.


I started coding on their website, fixing issues and creating new pages. I refactored and organized the code because we had a lot of problems in our pre-processors. I rearrange our CSS to become more consistency with our design assets. And all these helped me a lot to estimate better each development feature to our client.