Project made on USP with Artur Rozestraten, Ana Paula Santos and Pedro Gugliemo

Arquigrafia is a platform for architecture photos. Our difference for other photo platforms is binomial system that input sight informations about photo and architecture.

This project started on USP in 2008 with a collaborative work between FAU (Architecture and Urbanism Faculty) and IME (Institute of Math and Statistic). I entered in this group in 2013 and I became lead designer helping to construct about future of project and that’s why my final work degree is about it.

All my work is on the link here but I want to highlight some points.

First of all, I want to redefine user experience of this platform, creating new ways of interaction and navigation. I mapped all website and found problems of usability and architecture information.

To fix it, I rethink about how people search photos. A highlight for search by places that’s not exist on platform and is very important, mainly because it is about architecture.

Another feature is accept other types of media like videos, texts, presentations and books. This gives a new meaning for platform to create a collection of architecture information.

Finally, I redesign a new vision of this project but it haven’t applied yet because of low investment of our government that was in crisis.

If you want to navigate on a prototype of this project, link here. More details about making of this work, link here.